We occasionally breed a litter and will have puppies for sale on this page.

All our puppies are Kennel Club registered, eye tested at 6 weeks, vet checked and insured.

Please contact us for more information.

On 4 February 2012, Samphrey Soul Diva (Ella) whelped a litter of a tricolour dog, a tricolour bitch, a sable dog & a sable bitch puppy by Samphrey Shadow Man ShCM (Scott). This is a repeat mating of the litter that produced our George. The puppies were eye tested on 20 March and all are CEA Clear.

Ella's puppies at 8 weeks


Ella's Pups Pedigree

Samphrey Shadow Man ShCM

Ch Evad Sommer Shadow JW

Sommerville Smithson

Ch Crisanbee Goldsmith at Myriehewe

Thorntonhall Thoughts with Sommerville
Evad Cream Peach

Ch Milesend Stormwarden

Evad Cream Eclair
Samphrey Scotch Mist
Keltihope Knockando at Stevlyns
Marklin Wandasson at Shelridge
Keltihope Kinda Magic
Mistmere Gathering Storm over Samphrey

Ch Milesend Stormwarden

Mistmere Chiming Belle
Samphrey Soul Diva

Ch Shelridge Wishmaster JW

Ch Hillhead Blue Shadow

Seavall Tipple
Hillhead Blue Mist
Seavall Truthful about Shelridge
Shelridge Flashdance
Seavall Belinda
Felthorn Inkling for Samphrey
Felthorn Indelible
Shelridge Socrates
Felthorn Indiscrection
Felthorn Ice Diamond
Chloris Miro
Felthorn Penny Lane



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